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Whether you're a new manager or experienced executive, my leadership and career advancement courses, workshops and guides can bring you the strategies, support structure and community you need to elevate your performance and fulfilment.

Lead Authentically


What would it be like to be able to be yourself at work and know that you’d be successful?

We all long to be seen and valued for who we are. As leaders, we wish we could show up as us and have that be enough – to have a style of leadership that feels natural and easy to do, that doesn’t make us feel like we’re changing who we are in order to do well or be accepted or be seen as a leader.

It’s also true that the more senior we get, the more we have to be known for not just what we can do, but for who we are, what we value and what we bring to the table that’s different.

Lead Authentically is a comprehensive leadership growth journey that will help you to get to the heart of who you are and confidently bring your uniqueness to the table in every aspect of your leadership so that you can have the confidence, freedom, success, followership and career opportunities that you dream of.

Lead Authentically is a 3-step growth journey that covers vital aspects of your leadership toolkit, while also ensuring you have solid foundational knowledge of who you are and what makes you powerfully unique. It also makes sure that you are empowered with the mindset and practical self-management tools to sustain your authentic leadership in the long-run.

 The Lead Authentically journey is designed in a modular format so you can choose your own adventure by picking any leadership topic you want to work on in any order. For each leadership topic, you have the option of either doing an on demand workshop or having a 1x1 coaching deep-dive with me.

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Fast-track your advancement into your dream leadership role by learning the 3 winning strategies that executives use to get to the top. This programme will help you build your confidence and make sure you’re leadership-ready, position yourself and tell a compelling story, and get committed support from the right stakeholders.

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Fast-track your advancement into your dream leadership role by learning the 3 winning strategies that executives use to get to the top


US$ 270 for the full course

US$ 90 per strategy

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Step-back and assess how you're tracking towards advancing into your dream role  and create an action plan to showcase your strengths and fill any gaps



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