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Are you struggling to move up in your organisation?

Are you tired of
  • Feeling invisible and being overlooked for promotions and roles with more responsibility?
  • Seeing other people get promoted ahead of you – even though your work is just as good or better?
  • Doubting yourself and worrying whether you can get paid more?
  • Getting vague or no feedback about what is and isn't working
  • Trying to copy what other people are doing but it doesn’t feel authentic to YOU
  •  Feeling like no one cares about your career

Imagine a world in which

  • You have more impact… more pay… more growth… more autonomy… more responsibility…
  • You are seen, recognised, and rewarded for how much you contribute to your organisation
  • You know with 100% confidence that you’re ready to be promoted now
  • You are one of the decision makers who are shaping the future of your company, your customers, your community
  • You have all this without shapeshifting or changing who you are 

This isn’t about just getting ahead and making more money.

You were created to live out the fullness of your purpose.

You have a divine right to have an abundant life and make a big impact in the world by being YOU and operating at the level of impact that gives you the chance to create the change and growth you know your team, your company and the world needs.

The world needs you as a leader, and I am here to help you get there with less stress, confusion, guesswork, and loneliness.


This is your time 

With expert guidance and group support, you've found the answers you need to stop feeling stuck and advance to the next level

Introducing ...



Get Promoted


A comprehensive career accelerator for mid-level managers and ambitious professionals 

Discover the 3 strategies you need to land your promotion


I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from my accomplished senior mentors and successfully applied in my own career to create a simple 3-step strategy get you the promotion of your dreams by

  1. Getting promotion ready by meeting the minimum criteria
  2. Positioning yourself to be visible and valuable
  3. Getting committed senior support for your promotion

What you get with the programme

By the end of this programme, you’ll feel confident that you have everything you need to step boldly forward and secure your promotion to leadership. You’ll learn not just WHAT to do but HOW to do it – with live coaching to help you get real results. You’ll walk away with:

  • A clear plan
  • A promotion timeline
  • Immediate results as you start taking action from lesson 1
  • A repeatable method to use again and again

Self-paced, on-demand video teaching

Immediate lifetime access

7-day money-back guarantee with 8-week Accelerator


  • Action-focused worksheets
  • Back-of-your pocket cheat sheets
  • Value proposition script
  • Step-by-step promotion checklist – telling you what to do when
  • Promotion process tracker – customisable to your role and organisation
Strategy 1


Discover The Archery Model, my unique process for helping you reach your desired role with confidence, accuracy every time.


ACTION 1 - Know why

Stop changing yourself to get ahead. Ground your quest in who YOU uniquely are, your key differentiators and an inspiring vision that both you and your supporters can rally around


ACTION 2 - Have a sure target

Know what you want so you can ask for what you want. Be clear on a specific, achievable role to focus your efforts and sharpen your promotion positioning


ACTION 3 - Believe you can

Stop doubting yourself and waiting for validation. Own your level of readiness, make a plan to fill your gaps, then show that you can operate at the level of leadership you desire  

Strategy 2


Strategically position yourself for the role you desire by making sure that the most influential decision makers see you and know how you bring value


ACTION 4 - Be desirable

Stop hoping your work will speak for itself. Build demand for yourself as an awesome leadership “product” that will help your company achieve its ambitious strategic goals.


ACTION 5 - Be a sure bet

Stop getting vague feedback about why you’re not ready. Convince any leaders who are unsure of your candidacy and learn how to get the right feedback so you can tie up loose ends.


ACTION 6 - Be known

Stop hoping people will speak for you. Have a compelling value proposition and use my Pyramid Stakeholder Hierarchy to confidently share it with the right people who can influence your promotion (including a sponsor!).

Strategy 3


Get the ball rolling on your promotion by building a team of committed influential supporters who are ready to take immediate action on your behalf


ACTION 7 - Have buy-in and help

Stop hoping someone will put you forward. Build a core Promotion Team of senior influencers and decision makers who buy into your value and commit to helping you get promoted. Confidently ask them for what you want.


ACTION 8 - Have a clear plan

Stop being slowed down by busy leaders and unclear processes. Know the promotion process in your company and play an active role in managing it and everyone who is helping you.


ACTION 9 - Have a promotion event

Get a specific date for your promotion so that you go from getting promoted One Day Soon to getting promoted Today!


I'm Tenji

I’m an executive coach, C-suite leadership adviser and speaker who has helped countless executives and high-growth managers across the world to accelerate to senior roles, transform their leadership impact, and find deeper career fulfilment.

Before becoming a Certified Integral Coach, I served on a retail executive team, was a strategy consultant with McKinsey & Company, an investment banker with J.P. Morgan, an entrepreneur, and a graduate of Harvard University.

...And I was just like you


When I was a Senior Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company, I remember coming out of a performance review where I was told, “Great job – you’ve mastered the consulting toolkit. You have great potential, and we think it’s time for you to move into the upper tenure review committee but we’re not clear what you stand for. Where’s your spike? What would you bring to the Partnership?”

I had done really well as an associate and mastered the manager role quickly, but I was missing a few things to get to the next level.

  1. Partners didn’t know what expertise I would bring to clients if I was promoted to Associate Partner.
  2. I was leading engagements well but my followership for junior colleagues wasn’t differentiated.
  3. I had a network of mentors, but I didn’t have a ride-or-die sponsor consistently opening doors for me. i.e., my delivery track record and management skills were not enough.

I needed to take action – and fast!

I held a career pow-wow with my mentors who had been successfully promoted to Partner-level in the firm and pulled all of their advice into a solid plan of action.

In 4 months, this strategy helped me sharpen my value proposition and build a strong relationship with a sponsor who believed in me and gave me an amazing leadership opportunity to focus my retail and corporate strategy expertise while working with Africa’s largest retailer, a division of the global giant Walmart.

8 months into this leadership role, I was put forward and interviewed for an amazing group level strategy executive role, reporting directly into the Group Head of Strategy.

If I’d taken this role, I would have gone from senior manager to group executive in 12 months!

Talk about amazing!

When you join this course, I'll teach you exactly how I did it.


Is this programme right for you?


This course is perfect for you if

  • You’re a high-performing manager or mid-level individual contributor
  • You’re not yet a manager, but you’re ambitious and want to get ready proactively
  • You're aiming for a role in your current company, not trying to move to a new one

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Get promotion intel


Kill the guessing and find out exactly what it takes to get promoted in your specific organisation.

Use this workbook to discover the unspoken rules, informal criteria, specific language, and intangible “currency” of for promotions unique to your organisation.


valued at US$ 217


Build an abundance mindset


Stop believing, talking and behaving yourself out of your promotion.

Use this video teaching and cheatsheet to overcome your biggest promotion and leadership fears and mindset blocks. Overcome the voice in your head that holds you back and makes you unsure, play small, stay quiet, be crippled by stereotypes, distrusting of others and more.


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“Visualise Future You” guided visualisation


Stop waiting to feel like your dreams are possible and use the power of neuroscience and brain plasticity to show your brain that your dreams are possible.

Use this proven scientific method to accelerate your results and literally manifest your dream outcome.

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  • Step-by-step promotion checklist for all 3 strategies

  • Customisable promotion process tracker

  • Immediate lifetime access

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  • All 9 on-demand modules
  • 3 on-demand modules for the strategy you join
  • Bonus 1 - Get Promotion Intel
  • Bonus 2 - Build an Abundance Mindset
  • Value proposition script only with Strategy 2
  • Step-by-step promotion checklist for all 3 strategies only for the strategy you buy
  • Customisable promotion process tracker only with Strategy 3
  • Immediate lifetime access
  • 7-day money-back guarantee

Join the 8-week Accelerator

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  • Strategy 1 - Get promotion ready
  • Strategy 2 - Position yourself for promotion
  • Strategy 3 - Get committed senior support
  • All 3 free bonuses

8-week Accelerator - Payment Plan

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  • Strategy 1 - Get promotion ready
  • Strategy 2 - Position yourself for promotion
  • Strategy 3 - Get committed senior support
  • All 3 free bonuses

Learn only the strategy you need

Focus on the key strategy that will unlock your promotion

Strategy 1 - Get promotion ready

US$ 90


  • Action 1 - Know why
  • Action 2 - Have a sure target
  • Action 3 - Believe you can
  • Bonus 1 & 2

Strategy 2 - Position yourself for promotion

US$ 90

  • Action 4 - Be desirable
  • Action 5 - Be a sure bet
  • Action 6 - Be known
  • Bonus 1 & 2

Strategy 3 - Get committed senior support

US$ 90

  • Action 7 - Have buy-in and help
  • Action 8 - Have a clear plan
  • Action 9 - Have a promotion event
  • Bonus 1 & 2

3 reasons to work with me

1. Because my clients get results

I am working one-on-one with other leaders who have reached more senior leadership roles after using my approach.

From burnout and invisibility to a global role with higher pay

I came to Tenji burned out and unhappy in my role. The promotion strategy and value proposition we worked on helped me to build relationships with two Partners in my firm who are now mentoring me and helping me make my case for promotion.

- LIENDA, Investment professional

UPDATE: Lienda subsequently caught the attention of a head-hunter and, with the value proposition we worked on and the confidence she had built, she landed a global role and a more senior level with higher pay!

2.  Because I’ve done it for myself

I have been promoted up the ranks in high-performing global organisations such as McKinsey & Company, and when I left to corporate to start my business, I had begun the interview process for a group junior executive role at Massmart (Africa’s largest retailer and a division of Walmart) which would have been a promotion from the divisional junior executive role I was in at the time.

3.  Because I know what matters to the senior leaders who will give you your promotion

I have spent the entirety of my career advising C-Suite executives and senior leaders in how to raise capital, grow their businesses, implement visionary strategies, and think strategically about their talent and how to build the right teams. I know how they think and make decisions and what they’re looking for in the leaders who will support them to deliver their ambitious goals.



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