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I'm Tenji Moyana

an executive coach, speaker, podcaster and leadership developer


My core strategies for creating breakthroughs for clients have come from building a successful career in some of the world’s leading high-performance organisations, including McKinsey & Company, J.P. Morgan and Harvard University.

At these organisations, I’ve given corporate strategy, talent performance and investment advice to C-suite executives in the largest listed companies in Africa, England and the United States, helping them to optimise their performance and grow to new and more profitable levels.

In these roles, I've learned what matters to leaders and how to drive results with an eye on value creation for the business.

I've also had practical experience running businesses and being a corporate leader. Early in my career, I followed my creative passions and founded and ran an interior design company, Zuva Interiors. Later, I served as junior executive in Massmart, Africa's largest retailer, working closely with the CEO of a subsidiary to develop a turnaround strategy for two struggling brands.

Because I was an entrepreneur early in my career and understand the demands of leadership on the ground, the approaches I use with my clients are always relevant, actionable and help my clients to see results from Day 1.

I am currently an executive coach, leadership developer and speaker; and the Founder and CEO of Kuva Performance. I am a Certified Integral Coach with Integral Coaching Canada and hold a BA in Economics from Harvard University.

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