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Lead Authentically

Discover your leadership style

What would it be like to be able to be yourself at work and know that you’d be successful?


We all long to be seen for who we are. We long to have lives that look and feel like us, that make us happy, feel meaningful and support the vision we’ve always had for ourselves.

As leaders, we wish we could show up as us and have that be enough – to have a style of leadership that feels natural and easy to do, that doesn’t make us feel like we’re changing who we are in order to do well or be accepted or be seen as a leader.

We long to feel free. We long to thrive. We long for a way of being that feels easier and has more flow.

It’s also true that the more senior we get, the more we have to be known for not just what we can do, but for who we are, what we value and what we bring to the table that’s different.

Our peers and the people we lead look to us for our unique perspectives and visionary guidance. They want to trust that we have clear and steadfast principles. They want to understand our character so that they know if they can depend on us not to let them down when the going gets tough. They want to know who they’re betting their careers, business, and reputations on.


Leading authentically and developing your unique leadership style will support you in so many ways


You’ll have more confidence in being yourself and deeper respect for who you are

  • You will feel more confident in your skin and have unshakeable knowledge that you’re good enough because you accept yourself and trust yourself and know that you have a divine right to be here as you
  • You will be able to lead with inner integrity – no pretending, no shape-shifting, no changing who you are to fit in, be accepted, or be seen as competent. Plus much less imposter syndrome
  • You will feel steadier and become the main source of your sense of safety instead of putting it in things that are impossible to find security in because they are impermanent and dependent on others, such as perfect performance and other people’s approval

You’ll be more successful and manifest the career of your dreams

  • You will know the path that is right for you (the career, the role, the company, the team, the clients) and that works well with who you are and supports you to be successful
  • It will be easier to make decisions because you know what’s right for you and what will bring you more meaning and alignment with what matters most to you. YOU will become your authority not other people’s opinions and beliefs
  • You will effortlessly shine and stand out for you who are and what you bring to the table that’s different to all the other leaders out there. This will magnetise the right opportunities that align with who you are because who you are is a powerful voice that speaks for you through your unconscious behaviour, choices and natural contribution

You’ll have stronger support and buy-in

  • You will win people over based on who you are not what you do for them or who you pretend to be – they can depend on you to consistently be who they know you to be so they trust you and seek your counsel
  • You will gain authentic support, followership and sponsorship because what you stand for, believe in, and your vision of the future is clear and consistent and they can see where it aligns with who they are and what they want

And that’s not all…

  • Your self-leadership will unlock the potential in others! Knowing,  accepting and embodying who you are gives the people you lead permission to do the same so that they can contribute their beauty, gifts and uniqueness to us all.
  • Knowing yourself intimately makes it easier for you to see the unique flavour you bring to every dimension of leadership so that you can turn it into your source of power and differentiated skill.

What the Lead Authentically journey entails


By embarking on the Lead Authentically leadership journey, you will: 

  1. Get to the heart of who you are and confidently bring your full self to the table
  2. Discover your unique leadership style (your leadership blueprint) across several dimensions of leadership and feel empowered to embrace what feels most natural to you
  3. Begin to craft your leadership value proposition that you can confidently own and radiate about not just what you do well, but how you do it and why you uniquely are well-suited to drive your company’s strategic agenda.
  4. Overcome your internal barriers and limiting beliefs that are stopping you from leading authentically
  5. Have a set of authentic leadership guideposts that point to your True North and help you return to integrity and your source of flow when things begin to feel hard, you’re facing resistance, or you’re in transition and need a solid foundation to stand on

Together we will go on a 3-step journey covering vital leadership topics, which in combination are the core ingredients of your leadership blueprint and competitive advantage. You can work on as many or as few as you desire, in any order.

How you will grow


The Lead Authentically growth journey is designed in a modular format so you can choose your own adventure by picking any leadership area you want to work on in any order. For each leadership topic, you have the option of either doing a 90-minute on demand workshop or having a 90-minute 1x1 coaching deep-dive with me.


What you will do in each workshop or coaching session


  1. Discover who you uniquely are and what gives you meaning - I lead you through my comprehensive 6-dimension Sources of Meaning framework that goes beyond just finding out your personality, following passion or thinking about what contribution you want to make.
  2. Learn what the successful embodiment of each leadership topic looks like,g., what is great influencing and what results does it achieve when it is done well?
  3. Discover your unique style in each topic based on what you’ve discovered about who you are, g., what is your unique influencing style?
  4. See how you’re already leading authentically so that you can expand upon it
  5. Build an empowering mindset by overcoming your internal barriers and limiting beliefs
  6. Take action to start seeing immediate results


If this sounds like just what you need, join the Lead Authentically journey now.

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