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9. Is being resilient stopping you and your team from thriving?

resilience May 30, 2023



Resilience is a virtue – in its highest expression it makes us adaptable, resourceful, scrappy and results-focussed. However, sometimes it can go too far by making us habituate to hardship and desensitise to suffering. We then fail to notice or respond when changes are needed to bring about more ease and flow so that we can perform better and deliver better experiences to our teams, clients and ourselves. In this episode we ask: Is your ability to “thug it out” working against you? If so, what can you do about it?

Topics discussed:

  • The impact protracted hardship has on our sense of agency and creativity
  • What ease looks like and how you can create more of it
  • A redefinition of resilience that gives us more, not less


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