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6. Is your definition of expertise holding you back from leading?

Apr 25, 2023



When we’re in more junior roles, our value comes from our ability to deliver operationally i.e., technical execution and sharing highly specific content knowledge. But once we become senior managers and leaders, our value comes from our ability to enable value creation against the company’s strategic goals – this requires a different type of skill. It’s helpful to redefine what “expertise” means so that we upgrade our understanding of our own expertise and can bring it to bear so that we don't feel like imposters, undersell ourselves, or miss out on great opportunities.

Topics discussed:

  • What expertise is and isn’t once you’re a leader
  • The unspoken value of being a generalist
  • How to build and run your team so that you don’t have to know all the detail
  • The leadership mindsets that can help you break out of the technical skill and delivery rat race


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