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34. Marika Messager on conscious leadership, overcoming survivor mode and finding your power

authentic leadership confidence conscious leadership expert interview mindset Jul 10, 2024



Marika Messager is a consciousness researcher, teacher, advisor, and the founder of She was previously Head of Cash Equities at Société Générale. She joins us to discuss what conscious leadership is and how it helps us to bring more of our humanity to how we lead. We talk about letting go of outdated leadership archetypes and returning to a place of quiet confidence in our humanity, personal story and natural way of behaving – something she learned the hard way as a young investment banker on a trading floor dominated by men. We also explore how to find personal agency and overcome survival mode that keeps us in roles and behaviours that no longer serve us.

Topics discussed

  • The three dimensions of conscious leadership
  • Letting go of trying to fit in as a woman in a male-dominated environment
  • How to overcome survival mode and a mindset of lack so that you can transcend the past and create a different future
  • Being deliberate in choosing how you show up so you can find your agency and personal power
  • Where to start on your journey to being more conscious in how you lead and navigate your career

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