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33. How to find your purpose the easy way

career management mindset purpose Jun 20, 2024




If you’re anything like me, you’ve fallen into the trap of believing that your purpose is something that you do or achieve when you’re in a great job doing work that you’re passionate about. But what happens when you’re doing work that you’re passionate about but you aren’t happy? Or you build your whole identity around what you do and something unexpected like chronic illness or parenthood fundamentally limits your ability to give your all to it or to work in the same field in the same way? What happens to your ability to live out your purpose then?

Our journey as leaders is to discover that our purpose does not lie in what we do, it lies in who we are, authentically, in every moment and leadership role. Let’s explore how we can build a more empowering framework for what purpose is and, in so doing, find an easier way to structure our lives and careers so that we always feel like we are in purpose and exactly where we need to be, being who we were meant to be and confidently having impact on the world.

Topics discussed:

  • Why the current definition of what purpose is and how to find it no longer works
  • How to find your true purpose – it’s so simple!
  • The link between purpose and authenticity
  • How opportunities effortlessly flow to us when we are simply being ourselves


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