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29. The gift of fear and how to lean in

career management growth Mar 28, 2024



Fear shows up in so many ways in our leadership journeys- as imposter syndrome, fear of taking on a meatier role, fear of negotiating the right compensation package, fear of having difficult conversations, fear of taking the risk to dive into a new market or to recall a product that is no longer working, on and on. In order to lead successfully, we need to learn how to turn towards fear instead of away from it. When we’re able to lean in and ask fear what it’s telling us, it will always lead us into more – more growth, opportunities and maturity; deeper connection; and the discovery of what we care about most.

Topics discussed:

  •  A Women’s Month ode to powerful women leaders everywhere who are exemplifying abundant leadership in spaces where we were previously excluded
  •  How fear shows up and the things we do to avoid feeling or addressing it
  •  The cost of being afraid of fear
  •  What fear is actually telling us vs. what we think it is
  •  How to alchemise fear and transform it into abundance


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