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26. 2024 is your year for empowerment and making bold strategic moves

career management goal-setting inspiration Feb 05, 2024



2024 is an opportunity for us to make significant strides by empowering ourselves to make bold, strategic moves in our careers, in how we lead our teams and in how we drive the business agenda. I share 4 key themes that are emerging as an energy for the year based on what I’m seeing in my coaching clients, podcast listeners, the leadership development community and social trends that are shaping the world of work. This is a wave of supportive collective energy that we can piggyback on and personalise to have the year we desire – whatever our individual goals are.

Topics discussed:

  • 4 themes for 2024: personal empowerment, strategic intention, taking decisive action and building a solid foundation
  • 5 things that it will take for us to achieve these goals, including clarity, confidence in our capabilities and 3 more
  • How to time when you set your goals for the year – it doesn’t have to be 1 January!



I’m hosting an exclusive free in person event with leaders from multiple sectors and disciplines to discuss: What leader do you want to be in the next season of your career and how do you get there?

There will be a short talk followed by rich discussion and idea sharing among the group with time for individual reflection at the end. It’s in Johannesburg on Saturday 17 February 2024 and seating is limited to 10 leaders. Register here to attend.



As mentioned in the episode, here’s a short, guided teaching that can help you turn these 3 themes into an action plan for the year.


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