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20. How to overcome your leadership insecurities

confidence self-mastery vulnerability Nov 02, 2023



I have spent my life searching for safety and security. I’ve looked for it in financial security, the approval of others, the prestige of my role, the value of my skillset, my ability to perform and deliver, on and on. Many of my clients have felt the same and it’s led all of us nowhere because the trick to safety, acceptance and belonging is that it lives within us. We will never find it in anything external to us, but it requires us to be brave enough to go within, to back ourselves, and to never be the ones who let us go. This sounds like a personal topic but it’s actually leadership topic because we have all seen the havoc that can be wreaked by insecure leaders and we just cannot afford to be them.

Topics discussed:

  • What is safety and why are we so desperate for it?
  • What happens to our lives and leadership when we put our safety in external sources
  • The journey of going within – it all starts with accepting ourselves
  • The abundance that becomes available to us when we become our source of safety.


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