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18. Are you in a role or company that enables you to thrive?

authentic leadership career management growth self-mastery Oct 05, 2023



Bringing our full selves to work and leveraging our uniqueness as a source of differentiation and competitive advantage is a game-changer for driving our performance, impact, and resonance as leaders. However, we aren’t always in spaces where we are able to fully be ourselves or our unique approach and way of leading isn’t celebrated? What then? How do we determine if we’re in the right company, role set-up, and team/relationship dynamic that supports us to thrive as our best selves? If we aren’t well enabled, what can we do about it? And if it’s time to move on, how do we avoid ending up in the same situation again?

Topics discussed:

  • Four areas to look at to determine whether your company or role is the right place and set up for you
  • A few questions to ask yourself to determine whether to stay or go
  • How to exercise your agency to co-create an enabling environment without pulling the plug
  • You need to believe it’s possible to thrive, with a bit of hard work, in order to change your experience at work


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