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11. Accepting your limitations makes you a stronger leader

growth vulnerability Jun 29, 2023



We are under the illusion that we can do anything. We can’t. And life shows us this everyday but we often butt heads with this reality because it can make us feel weak, scared, uncertain of the future, and like our dreams are at risk. Yet, it is in accepting this reality that we can begin to be resourceful, mindful of how we spend our time and more likely to build products, teams and strategies that succeed and last because they proactively solve for reality and limitations.

Topics discussed

  • 10 gifts of accepting limitation, including stronger performance, greater peace, more confidence, more followership from others, and more (17:05)
  • What I learned from being diagnosed with a chronic illness (7:25)
  • Why it’s hard to let go of our hero complex
  • The important reframe that helped me let go (49:05)

Listen to ⁠Kate Bowler's podcast⁠. I loved ⁠this episode⁠ with BJ Miller.


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