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Hi, I'm Tenji


I'm an executive coach, leadership developer and speaker.

I help high-growth leaders and ambitious professionals to lead themselves, high-performance teams and organisations with greater impact, to accelerate their advancement into senior roles with authenticity, and to find deeper meaning and alignment in their careers. 

My dream is for us to have abundant careers, sustainable leadership and high-functioning, healthy organisations because we live and lead with authenticity, courage and wisdom.

In my vision of abundant leadership,

We aren't afraid to lead with both our minds and our hearts.

We aren't afraid to ask the tough questions and design a new status quo instead of conforming to a model that isn't working.

We are brave enough to go deep within and uncover what's holding us and our companies back so that we can emerge more powerful and true to ourselves.

This is what will bring us high-performance, flow, and sustainable growth without burnout, disillusionment or losing ourselves.

What does an abundant career look like in real life? 


The #7 Management Podcast in South Africa on Apple

Join me on the Abundant Leaders Podcast where we're exploring how to courageously bring all of ourselves to the table so that we can harness the fullness of our personal power and increase our flow and success at work.

I'm having illuminating conversations with real leaders, interviewing personal mastery experts and having casual conversations with friends about our own leadership experiences.

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Expand your impact at your own pace with a coaching session, online workshop or resource 


Whether you're a new manager or experienced executive, my leadership and career advancement workshops and resources bring you the strategies, support structure and community you need to level up or go deeper in your career or business.

Set leadership goals for 2024

Free on demand audio teaching

2024 is an opportunity for us to make significant strides by empowering ourselves to make bold, strategic moves in our careers, in how we lead our teams and in how we drive the business agenda.

This short audio teaching guides you through a simple 6-step process to help you set leadership goals for 2024 that are strategic, action-focused, empowering, and build a lasting foundation for what you’d like to experience in the next 3 years.    




Plan for success

Lead authentically

10-step leadership journey

Step into your full power and find greater ease and flow by leading authentically as YOU. Uncover your unique leadership style by getting a comprehensive view of who you are and what gives your life meaning then applying this knowledge to 9 vital aspects of your leadership toolkit, including how you influence people, develop others, make decisions, manage your energy and much more.

Choose your own adventure by picking any leadership skill you want to work on. For each one, you have the option of either doing an on demand workshop or having a 1x1 coaching deep-dive with me.


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Advance in your career

Online course & free self-assessment

Fast-track your advancement into your dream leadership role by learning the 3 winning strategies that executives use to get to the top. This programme will help you build your confidence and make sure you’re leadership-ready, position yourself and tell a compelling story, and get committed support from the right stakeholders.






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Set your leadership goals for 2024

Free on demand audio teaching

Are you on track for promotion?

Free self-assessment and guide

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Achieve lasting results by taking a holistic approach 


As a growth and performance partner, I help my individual clients and corporate teams to define what great looks like, understand who they need to be to achieve the desired outcome, then help them build new capacities within themselves to show up successfully. 

The 5 pillars of my approach are:

  1. Take a holistic approach by addressing the mind, body, heart and spirit; and using the Integral Coaching Method to consider all the drivers and areas impacted, including your inner self, your outer behaviour, other people, and external systems.
  2. Solve for the root cause by focusing not just on what you need to do, but also on who you need to be inside in order to show up in the desired way.
  3. Design a structured programme with clear development objectives that will take you step-by-step from where you are now to where you want to be.
  4. Bravely celebrate and leverage who you are instead of leaking energy by trying to change yourself or conform to norms.
  5. Take real-time action and course-correct though personalised growth practices, best-practice tools and resources, and reflection exercises designed to build your self-awareness and ability to coach yourself.

What clients are saying... 

Who I serve and how I can support you



I help managers, leaders and senior-level individual contributors with

  • 1x1 coaching programme for a specific topic or challenge – 7-9 sessions over 5-6 months
  • 1x1 coaching retainer for thought partnership and ongoing support as you lead – meeting at regular intervals e.g., monthly, quarterly
  • Once-off coaching deep-dive to problem solve a key issue – 1 or 2 intensives for 2-3 hours each
  • Self-paced online courses and downloadable resources - explore current offerings
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Organisational leaders


I help talent executives, business unit leaders and line managers to get support for themselves or leaders on their teams, with

  • 1x1 coaching programme for a specific topic or challenge – 7-9 sessions over 5-6 months
  • 1x1 coaching retainer for thought partnership and ongoing support as you lead – meeting at regular intervals e.g., monthly, quarterly
  • 1x1 talent strategy thought partnership to devise your talent strategy or problem solve talent and culture challenges your team or organisation is facing
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Management and leadership cohorts


I help management and leadership cohorts to build collective skills and cohesion, through

  • Group coaching programmes
  • Leadership development workshops
  • On-call 1x1 coaching office hours offered to leaders as needed - on retainer or for a fixed time period
  • Licensed on-demand courses - explore current offerings
  • Bespoke retreats
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I help teams to optimise their operating models and make better decisions, with

  • Group coaching programmes
  • Leadership development workshops
  • Facilitated strategy workshops, e.g., talent strategy, organisational health and culture, leadership principles, top team effectiveness
  • Bespoke retreats
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I help organisations to have meaningful conversations and inspire and align their people around a common topic, through

  • Speaking events
  • Moderating panels
  • Internal culture and leadership podcasts or interview series
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This is my story


The golden thread of my career - my consistent why and central how - is that I love helping people and organisations to achieve their greatest potential by figuring out what's holding them back and how they can overcome it, using my skills as an independent advisor and expert problem-solver.

I've experienced it all.

I've studied and worked in the most prestigious organisations with presidents and high-profile C-suite leaders at Harvard University, McKinsey & Company and J.P. Morgan.

But I've also burned out many times, been in roles that didn't make me happy but paid me a lot, travelled the world chasing big brands, prestige and seniority instead of meaning, health and connection. I've struggled to find my voice, fallen victim to people-pleasing and lack of boundaries and felt like an imposter sometimes...

I get it.

But I've put in the work in therapy, executive coaching and life coaching, and I’ve done deep personal development and spiritual work to raise my self-awareness, self-love and trust in life. 

And now, I'm doing work that brings me joy and meaning, supports the life and connected relationships that I want to create, and I'm doing it in a way that is confident and impactful, sustainable for my health and protects my sacred relationship with myself.

I'm helping so many people by living authentically as me and trusting in abundance - I invite you into my world to do the same.

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