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Discover What Gives You Meaning 1x1 Coaching

What would it be like to deeply know who you are and accept yourself with confidence so you can lead with greater authenticity, ease and impact?

The Discover What Gives You Meaning coaching session is the first step in the journey to being more yourself in how you live and lead.

Discovering who you are will help you in so many ways.

  • You’ll have more confidence in being yourself and deeper respect for who you are
  • You’ll be more successful and manifest the career of your dreams
  • You’ll have stronger support and buy-in


  • Your self-leadership will unlock the potential in others
  • Knowing yourself intimately makes it easier for you to see the unique flavour you bring to every dimension of leadership so that you can turn it into your source of power and differentiated skill

This is a 90-minute Zoom or in person coaching session with me where I personally interpret your Sources of Meaning exercise results. I help you to get deeper insight into what you’re discovering about yourself and help you to translate it into what it means for your career.

The session includes:

Pre-session preparation

  1. The Sources of Meaning self-discovery workbook
  2. Short Sources of Meaning video to help you complete the self-discovery workbook
  3. Reflection questions to prepare for your 1x1 session

During the session

  1. Discussion of the results of your Sources of Meaning exercise
  2. Discussion of insights from your Human Design map (if you have provided your birth data)
  3. Personalised coaching to determine the implications of your Sources of Meaning on your career and leadership
  4. A visual symbol for the aspect of your personality that’s most impactful for your leadership
  5. A growth practice so you can make actionable changes immediately
  6. A personalised list of next steps based on the biggest insights from our session

See you on the inside!



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Cancellation policy:

All sales for 1x1 coaching sessions are final.

Scheduled sessions cannot be cancelled or refunded.

If you fail to arrive for your session, you will not receive a refund.

Sessions can only be cancelled or rescheduled in the event of a serious emergency.